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Dec 30 2016

Social Business has implications for every organization

Charlene Li, founder of the Altimeter Group, published end-of-year insights on the State of Social Business. Of particular interest to me is how Social is being used and leveraged across organizations, not just marketing or customer service. More and more organizations are allocated Social resources to every major function. Some top-line findings: 78% of companies have a dedicated social media team, 50% of companies say Social business has improved marketing, optimization, customer experience and brand health.

Nov 20 2015

20,000+ questions over the last 12 months

Media executives. Agency leaders. University administrators. Energy policy-makers. NGO change-agents. Family. Friends. I’ve asked a lot of questions this last year through my work and in living my life. It’s clear the way you ask a question yields different results and can lead you in different directions. Warren Berger’s “A More Beautiful Question” is a worthwhile read for those interested in creativity, innovation, getting to fundamental issues and teasing out stories that matter. I’m in the midst of writing three questionnaires for projects now and finding myself wrestling with question design even more deeply and with a child’s eye… a good thing. Thanks @GlimmerGuy.

Feb 23 2014

Learning from Google’s Hiring Process

@NYTimes @TomFriedman column highlights Google’s recruitment strategy. To paraphrase Laszlo Block, the svp of people operations at Google: ‘in an age when innovation is increasingly a group endeavor, it also cares about a lot of soft skills — leadership, humility, collaboration, adaptability and loving to learn and re-learn.’

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