Bellinson & Company is a research and management-consulting firm dedicated to helping companies, foundations and non-governmental organizations research partnership programs and major business relationships; Bellinson & Company’s consulting work is focused on establishing new partnership programs and business development. Our experience and resources allow us to handle assignments in a personal, responsive and bespoke fashion. We plan, budget and manage our work to further our clients’ objectives in an efficient, cost effective manner.

Ben Bellinson

Ben Bellinson started Bellinson & Company in 2002 and works with companies in a wide range of industries including media and entertainment, energy and social sector organizations including non-governmental organizations and foundations. Ben Bellinson is a creative marketing and business development executive with a strong track record of researching and evaluating, leading and growing business relationships and partnerships. Previously Ben held senior marketing, business development and account management positions at The Walt Disney Company, CareerPath.com, the J. Paul Getty Trust and Lifetime Cable Television.  He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and was a fellow with the CORO Foundation.

Steve Schein

Dr. Steve Schein is a corporate sustainability strategist, researcher, and organizational consultant. His 2015 book A New Psychology for Sustainability Leadership has been featured in US News & World Report, The Guardian, and Bloomberg News.  He is a former CEO and business professor with more than 35 years of senior management, advisory, and business development experience in several industries including resort hospitality, consumer food, and agriculture. His research has appeared in numerous leadership and sustainability journals including the Journal of Corporate Citizenship, the Journal of Management of Global Sustainability, Leader to Leader, Environmental Values, and the New Global Citizen.

Dr. Schein is currently the Sustainability Expert-in-Residence at the Presidio Graduate School. From 2005-2015 he was a member of the faculty at SOU, where he founded the sustainability leadership program.  Prior to this, he was a director of consulting at Moss Adams, LLP and co-founder of an NYSE company ResortQuest International, where he served as a senior vice-president and corporate officer until 2004.  Steve earned his PhD in Human Development and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University and his BA in accounting from the University of Colorado.


Dave Bourke

Bourke started Bourke & Company, a management consulting and research firm, in 1994. The firm specializes in organizational effectiveness, concentrating primarily on customer service delivery and human resource issues, and works primarily in the energy industry.

James Adams Adams Strategy Group

James Adams is CEO of the Adams Strategy Group which provides strategic planning, direction and advice to the private sector and government agencies. He was the CEO of United Press International and the founder, Chairman and CEO of iDEFENSE a cyber-intelligence organization with clients in the intelligence community, the government and Fortune 100 companies. He is a former Managing Editor of the London Sunday Times and a former member of the National Security Agency’s Advisory Board and Chairman of the Technology Oversight Panel at NSA. He is the author of 14 bestselling books on terrorism, intelligence and covert warfare. He lives with his family on a ranch in Ashland, Oregon and is an enthusiastic member of the Ashland Rowing Club.

Mark Feedman CREAR

Mark Feedman, founder of CREAR with co-founder Chela Lightchild, is a rural educator, sustainable development specialist, and a consultant to international development agencies since 1971. From 1982-92 he directed the development of CREAR’s demonstration farm and gardens and the Center’s education, training, and extension programs. Feedman has been recognized for laying the foundations for the growth and development of Organic Agriculture in the Dominican Republic (now a leading exporter of organic products to Europe and the U.S.), and for his innovative work in rural education, technology transfer, and youth development in Latin America and New Mexico, where he and Lightchild now live.

Paul Koplin Venture Technologies Group

Paul Koplin is the CEO of Venture Technologies Group which owns and manages television and radio stations. VTG typically builds media properties from scratch and currently owns 16 full power and Class A low power televisions stations in major markets. Under Koplin’s leadership, VTG has generated over $100M on profits for its investors with an IRR over 30% annually.  In addition, Koplin has been a strategic media advisor for major media companies.  He currently serves on the board of Local Media TV Holdings.